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9 AC Social Media Sites You MUST Follow

by Jessica Newlin

You just checked Twitter ten minutes ago, and when you checked that, you also checked Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest. You have to make sure nobody commented on your status, got engaged, repinned one of your pins, sent you a horrifying face, or tagged you in that picture you didn't want anyone to see...ever.  

Social media is also a useful way to stay connected with your school, your sports teams or your clubs. AC has a Facebook or Twitter for about everything. They're all a great way to stay connected and informed about activities on campus, meetings or contests(!). Not to mention how cool you feel when AC retweets you! 

Here's a small list of who you should follow or friend:

1. AC on Facebook: AC let's you know about the overall happenings on campus. It updates you on new faculty or faculty success, it let's students know about sporting events, prizes and contests around campus, crime reports and any activities on campus, whether it's Greek life or CAN.  

2.  AC on Instagram: AC is a little newer to the Instagram world and just started a couple months ago, but they post pictures of our beautiful campus, sporting events and campus activities. It's a great visual, instead of simply reading about it on Facebook or twitter. 

AC Instagram

AC Instagram

3. @AdrianCollege: AC on Twitter updates individuals the same as AC on Facebook. If you follow either one, you probably won't miss anything, but if you follow both, you definitely won't miss anything. (Hint: follow them!) 

@AdrianCollege: AC ranked as "Top College" & "Best Value" by @USNewsWorld! #GoBulldogs! http://adrian.edu/news/adrian-college-ranked-as-a-top-college-in-the-midwest-and-best-value-by-u.s #GDTBAB

4. @AdrianBulldogs: This account focuses on the athletics and reports game updates or final scores of all sporting events.  

@AdrianBulldogs: Women's Soccer: Adrian 1, DePauw 0 (Final) Bulldogs Win Duel at DePauw

Other Twitter accounts relation to this are @BulldogVB, @AdrianVSST, @AC_Cheer, @Adrian_W_Lax or @AdrianBaseball. Almost every sports team has a Twitter account for individuals who follow their every move (it's okay to be a die-hard Bulldog fan!).  

5. @JeffreyDocking: Stay updated with new changes on campus, plans for the future, or just a little inspiration.  

@JeffreyDocking: The @AdrianCollege campus is blossoming with the arrival of the Class of 2017. Excited for all of our Bulldogs to return home this week. 

6. @AC_Class_2017: Class of '17, this one is for you. Find your class on Twitter and stay updated with your classmates success'.  

@AC_Class_2017: Fans >>> #HotInAC #AC17Probz

7. @thecollegeworld: Stay updated with campus, national and international news on the daily.  

@thecollegeworld: Fast food employee's looking for wages to rise from $7.25/h to $15/h? Check this article out from the @detroitnews. 

8. @CanItOrCramIt: AC C.A.N. stands for Campus Activity Network. Their twitter page allows students to check in and see when fun events are happening around campus that normally involve (free!) food and prizes.  

@CanItOrCramIt: If you're not at this movie on the mall, then you're killing me smalls! #thesandlot 

9. thebulldogproject.com: Isn't it obvious? We're awesome.  


AC Is Not On... 

1.  AC has yet to become a member of Pinterest....huh, they should get on that, right?!

2. If AC was on Snapchat, they would get way too many pictures to sort through. I don't think Snapchat is a path AC should take when it comes to social media. 


There are, of course, many other choices on Facebook and Twitter to follow and stay updated with. Just remember to follow what interests you and keeps you informed because social media is all about being connected. After following/friending these pages, you will constantly be connected with your home. 

Always remember, however, that current (and future!) employers, teachers or administrators could be watching what you post on your pages.

"44% of recruiters said that trashing an employer on social media is enough to land an applicant in the reject pile, according to a Corporate Executive Board study of 215 recruiters earlier this year. Just 26% said they view a résumé typo the same way. Inappropriate language was considered unforgivable by 30% of those surveyed; 17% looked at excessive personal information that way." - Wall Street Journal 

Be respectful, be clean and try not to sound like a moron. 

Bulldog Out.