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Meet: Brandon

by Brandon Neal

Hey AC, it's Brandon Neal -- and no, this is not your ordinary student bio. This is a quick and exclusive sneak peek into my life as a Bulldog so far.  

Photo Credit: Michael Neal 

Photo Credit: Michael Neal 

Growing up in the large metropolitan city of Troy, MI, I wouldn't expect myself to land in the small, but rapidly growing, city of Adrian. But as it came down to it, AC had a lot to offer and for me -- it started on the football field.  

Coming to a school where it's predominantly athletes, I knew right away I would fit in and be able to connect with the majority of my classmates, and that I did. 

Starting off during my Welcome Week, it wasn't long after I performed as Usher in the hypnosis demonstration where the barrier was broken, and right away, I knew from the social aspect I would enjoy myself here. Throughout my first semester, time flew by along with memories.  

As I was named class president, I was able to write for our school newspaper and even was picked to be the only freshman to sit on the Financial Committee Board. But there was nothing throughout my first semester in college that topped winning our conference outright for the first time in over 20 years in football. Let me be the first to tell you that the atmosphere on campus was just as electric as it was in the locker room after we had won.  

AC Football - 2013 Promo

After my head stopped spinning and time slowed down just enough to catch my breath, the second semester took off and it was as if the school year didn't miss a beat. I knew I would be able to focus on what I loved doing the most -- next to football, of course -- and that was broadcast communications. Being able to start my own radio show was something I was itching for all semester and to know the time had finally come, I couldn't contain myself.  

Photo Credit: Michael Neal

Photo Credit: Michael Neal

In a nutshell, I couldn't have wished for a better first year of college here -- but the one thing that put the icing on the cake was seeing the life-size portrait of me in the Rush building at the end of the school year. 

Now as a sophomore Bulldog, it's great to know that I have achieved one conference championship ring so far, a larger-than-life portrait of me in my favorite building and have made connections that will go far beyond my years here at AC. I'm looking forward to even more exciting things in the near future as I have started my new job in the PR department and am still able to contribute to the College World's social media department.