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College & Relationships

by Jessica Newlin

"You'll find your wife/husband in college."  Or:  "The friends you make are the friends you'll keep throughout your life." 

These are probably some things your grandma told you before you left for college. Well, your grandma was right about one thing: your friendships.  

College & Friendships  

Photo Credit: Matt Gaidica

Photo Credit: Matt Gaidica

Your friends will dictate how you spend your time, what you put effort into and even how well you do academically. Yes, even your friends hold a great power of influence over your social life here at AC. Make sure the friends that you keep are individuals that reflect your values, beliefs and dedication towards academics. It may take you a semester or two to weed out the individuals that won't be there for you at 3am or the ones who won't talk about you behind your back; but once you do, they're like your family. Don't be friends with individuals who constantly push the boundaries of whom you are and who you want to be.

College & Romance

Unlike your friendships, your relationship with your partner are sometimes much more complicated. 

College and relationships are tricky. A lot of individuals still don't know what they want. It's the years of experimentation, right? If you want a serious relationship, you have to be very careful. People often use the excuse of drugs and/or alcohol, when really it's immaturity: most individuals don't want to/aren't ready to settle down. 

Photo Credit: Matt Gaidica

Photo Credit: Matt Gaidica

Just remember: never change who you are for others.  

Don't act desperate or else all the wrong kinds of people will end up in line. Patience is the key to taking things slow: get to know what really makes the individual who they are. What do they want out of life? What are their values? But don't let modern times dictate how relationships should go about: there are still gentlemen/ladies out there.  

 So, will you meet your future spouse in college? Maybe. But it all depends on how you choose to carry yourself. You can't complain about attracting the wrong guys/girls if you choose to act and dress in matters that attract them. 

College & Family

Photo Credit: Michael Neal

Photo Credit: Michael Neal

Now that you're all cool and in college, don't forget who got you there: your parents. Don't lose your relationship with your family while you're in college -- whether you're 30 minutes or 6 hours away. At the end of the day, mom will always want to hear what happened. Did you do well on your exam? Did you win your game? Keep the lines of communication open: remember, there's no place like home.  

College & Your Profs

And open up to your professors! They are your key to success in college. Don't be afraid to go to their office hours (seriously! It helps!) or meet with them one-on-one if you don't understand something. They're always willing to work with you ... so work with them. They always know you by name and are willing to talk with you outside of class if you run into them in Ritchie. Take every opportunity they offer you as you will get to meet resourceful individuals within your field of study and potentially future employers.  

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Until then, Bulldog Out.