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We went to Chicago!

by Meg Palmer

Say cheese, Class of '17!  Photo Credit: Michael neal 

Say cheese, Class of '17! 
Photo Credit: Michael neal 

The incoming freshman class of 2017, including myself, had the experience of a lifetime on the traditional Welcome Week trip to Chicago. Students woke up early Thursday morning to catch a quick breakfast before everyone met out on the terrace with their luggage in hand. Yellow t-shirts that proudly announced, "KEEP CALM, WE'RE THE CLASS OF 2017" were handed out to every student, and then the chaos that was taking a class picture began.  

Immediately after the picture was taken -- with the use of a cherry picker, no less, to fit everyone into the image -- it was time to load up the busses. However, it's quite a long ride from Adrian to Chicago and it was a common experience to put a movie on. By popular demand, mostly from the boys on my bus, we watched Mean Girls and Bridesmaids.  

The hotel we stayed in.  Photo Credit: Michael Neal

The hotel we stayed in. 
Photo Credit: Michael Neal

I later learned one of my friends actually missed the bus and wound up having to take a train to Chicago to join the rest of the class. The train didn't get to Chicago until the wee hours of Friday morning and he pretty much missed all the fun. See the importance of being on time? ;)  

My friends and I embarked on an epic adventure that began at the Disney store where we sat with kids obviously under the age of 10 and listened avidly to story time. From there, we headed out in search of something to eat, trying not to be stereotypical and get deep dish pizza. We were directed by a friendly local in a thrift store to Gino's East, which -- you guessed it -- is a pizza place. Eventually we gave up and ate there, and actually had some really amazing deep dish pizza with garlic sticks. 



Quite a few of us were still decked out in our Adrian t-shirts, making it easy for the photographer that roamed around with us to take some action shots as we walked through the busy city. The rest of our time there consisted of exploring the night life, shopping the Magnificent Mile (and getting some really good deals at Forever 21!), visiting a guitar shop, experiencing The Bean and walking everywhere. Lots and lots of walking.  

Though it was sad to see our adventure come to a close, I was getting excited for our next journey -- the first day of classes> Chicago was a great way to bond and meet new people, and I'm glad its an AC tradition. It gives the students a sense of comfort with each other because of similar experiences.  

The Bulldog Project Asks: So, after the chaos of the past few weeks, which was the most exciting: move in day, Chicago or the first day of classes? Sound off below! 

Lifelong memories, lifelong friends.  Photo Credit: Michael Neal 

Lifelong memories, lifelong friends. 
Photo Credit: Michael Neal