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Pinterest Project of the Week: Fleece

It's been so cold outside lately that one has no choice but to bundle up! These fuzzy fleece projects will keep you warm inside and outside during this freezing winter! 

Fleece Scarf 


You'll need: fleece in two colors (black and gold represent!), scissors, ruler, masking tape

1. Measure an existing scarf with dimensions you like (or would like to change just a bit). Add 9cm to the width measurement, and divide in half to calculate the width of the panels you'll need to cut. 

2. Measure 5cm from one edge and mark the 5cm width in a few places vertically along the panel. Place a piece (or several pieces) of making tape vertically along the fleece panel, such that there remains a 5cm wide area of fleece along the entire length. 

3. Mark 1.5 cm (2/3") intervals along the masking tape using a ruler.

4. Cut fringe along the 5cm (2") panel using the marks on the masking tape as your guide. 

5. Repeat steps 1-5 on the second fleece panel. 

6. Tie the fringe from each panel together with a double knot, making sure to use the same knot each time. 

7. Trim any ends that are visually longer than the rest. 

8. Snuggle up and stay warm! 

Quilted Fleece Tie Blanket (New Sew!) 


You'll Need: large piece of fleece, many small squares of fleece, scissors 

This is a project that you can do a lot with to customize. You can stick with a standard two colors, or you can go crazy and pick five. You can make lots and lots of smaller squares or you can make just a few large ones. Before you start, you might want to think about where you want to take this and how much time you want to spend on it (lots of smaller squares will take more time). 

1. Cut fleece into desired size squares, making sure all squares are the same size. Make sure you leave one large piece (the size of your entire blanket) to be the backing. The size and amount of squares will determine the size of the finished blanket. 

2. Arrange the different colors how you want them to be, making sure you form a rectangle shape. 

3. Cut small slits around the edges of all squares that are not touching the outside border. Cutting thin strips will let the blanket lay more flat when complete, while fat strips will make the blanket more bulky. 

4. Tie all of the squares together. 

5. Lay the top of your blanket over the large piece of fleece that you left for backing. Trim the large piece so that it is the same as the top half, and cut slits into both layers all of the qay around. 

6. Tie these overlapping strips together like you would with any fleece tie blanket. 

7. Wrap yourself up and get comfy. Netflix marathon, anyone?