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Super Bowl Party Essentials


Whether you're a 12th man (psst: that means Seahawks fans!) or more of a Bronco (or even if you'll be wearing your Lions jersey to represent your roaring faith in D-town), we hope you're getting psyched for Super Bowl 43. At the Bulldog Project, we're always ready for a party ... especially when it involves the pro-level snacking needed at a Super Bowl party. So, bring out the food!

Members of Seven-Layer Dip Nation, Step Right Up!


Let's just get the party started with these adorable + perfection in a cup creations. Individual seven layer dip. Get the recipe and instructions here 

Popcorn Revisited

Sure, buying popcorn already in a bag is one way to go -- but for a cheaper option, make your own popcorn. All you need is a paper bag, tape, popcorn kernals, and to press start on the microwave. Instructions here

For the Monster in All of Us

I'm a monster cookie aficionado. If the rice krispies and PB combination isn't enough to slay me, toss in M&Ms and I'm yours. So how about a microwave version of this sweet treat? Your wish is my command

It's All Greek to Me (& It's Delicious)

Maybe you're in the mood to impress your friends with your culinary skillz with just a microwave. Look no further than some food with Mediterranean flare: the crostini. This super yummy (and customizable!!) recipe can be found here

Tastes Like Home

The party isn't all about snacks -- it can include an actual meal too. Goulash, anyone

Spice Up Your Life


Jambalaya will add a kick to any super bowl get-together. Gather your ingredients, your spices, and then settle in. 

Put a Little Love in It

Because Valentine's is coming up, we thought we'd throw this in there too. Two-ingredient fudge that you can make for your sweetheart ... or for everyone else who is coming to the party. And hey, not into the whole love thing? Swap the frosting out with a different flavor, and you have several fudge recipes up your sleeve. 

And there you have it! Some different snacks you can make for your get-together in the comfort of your dorm. Bon appétit!