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The Bruiser Bowl

Ever have that fantasy of playing under the lights at Docking Stadium, yet you never thought that would be a reality. Today is your lucky day, The Bruiser Bowl will be taking place this Thursday. Now you are probably thinking what exactly is the Bruiser Bowl (for those of you who don't read your emails), and I am so glad you asked. 

The Bruiser Bowl is a flag football tournament, so even those who shy away from contact sports can play. The teams will consist of 10 players, with at least one female on each team. The event starts at 8:30 and today is the last day to sign up in the Student Activities Office.

Now you are probably wondering, "what's in it for me?" Here's just a short list of perks for participating in the Bruiser Bowl...

1. Pizza and drinks will be provided for teams. I don't know about you, but in college I basically live for free food giveaways. 

2. You get to play under the lights of Docking Stadium. That experience is usually exclusive to athletes on campus, but Thursday night the average Joe's can have a go at it. 

3. Tell all your friends to come cheer you on, and you can have your own fan section that you thought you would never have. Talk about a confidence booster. 

4. The winning team wins t-shirts. Free t-shirts are probably my second favorite thing about college behind free food. You can add it to the awesome AC t-shirt collection you already have. The winning team name is also put on a plaque in the Student Activities Office, forever etched in Adrian College history as the Bruiser Bowl champs. 

5. Finally, just think of the bragging rights you will have for a whole year until the next Bruiser games comes around.

See you all there Thursday!


-Mary Kate