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My AC Home

To be honest, Adrian College wasn't my first choice for school. In fact, it wasn't even my second choice. It just goes to show that God makes better decisions than you do. I came to AC because of an awesome financial aid package, and what I have gotten so far in my education is so much more than that. 

Coming from a small town, I always wanted to go to a small college. The professors I have had here have all gotten to know me, to them, their students are not just a number. That is one of the many reasons why AC is home for me. 

AC has presented me with the opportunity to become extremely involved. The environment on this campus is extremely active. It led me to join many clubs and even create a new club on campus. This has allowed me to meet many different people across campus. 

Lastly, Adrian College has brought wonderful people into my life. If I had gone anywhere else, I would have never met the best friends I have today. 

These are just three of the many reasons why AC has become my home away from home. With homecoming this weekend it'll be great to see all the alumni coming back and reliving their college days with the people who made Adrian College their AC Home. 


-Mary Kate