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Last Minute Halloween Costumes

It's that time of year again... The time where you think you have to spend tons of money on a costume to wear for only one night (maybe two if you are resourceful). That's why I have come up with some ideas thanks to Google that will help you get into the halloween spirit without breaking your bank account. Here's one tip... Goodwill is your best friend for costume essentials.

For the ladies, a super easy costume idea is Rosie the Riveter. This World War II icon can be put into a costume with just a couple of things from your closet. First, you need a blue or denim button up shirt. Pin your hair up, add a red bandana or head band, and finish the look off with some bright red lip stick and a flexing pose.

Another easy costume for a DIY project is a minion. Pick up a pair of overalls, a yellow shirt, and a yellow knit hat from Goodwill. Get some fabric markers and put a G on the front of the overalls. Grab some black gloves and borrow some goggles or make your own and you have the complete minion look.

What could be easier to do than be a member of the Duck Dynasty Family. This look is pretty easy. Grab your camo or flannel gear, some boots, maybe an American flag bandana and the go buy yourself a beard. Walmart should have them or even the Halloween store in town for pretty cheap. To finish it off maybe add a little mud to your look to have the real effect.

Another super easy last minute idea is to simply go as a zombie. Go buy some make up and give yourself a zombiefied look. FInd some old clothes and maybe tear them up a bit. After that just be super creepy and you are basically good to go. Just take it easy on the whole eating people thing. 

halloween 5.jpg

Of course there are plenty more DIY ideas available on Google. So if these weren't quite your speed, search for others. 

Have a fun and safe Halloween weekend everyone :)


Mary Kate