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What does AC Homecoming look like?

Homecoming has always been one of my favorite weeks during the school year.  It's a time where we get to celebrate our school and this year, display the bulldog pride.  As a first year freshman, this will be my first Adrian College homecoming weekend.  Not only am I able to live it through a students view, but also as an Athletes point of view.  This Saturday, I will have the chance to suit up with teammates under the lights, as our football team takes on Olivet College.  For the last two weeks we have been preparing for this game.  A game where we welcome back all of our past players, our honored alumni, family and friends, and anyone who cheers on our bulldog teams.  Starting Saturday morning you will see the parking lot covered, in tents, grill smoke covering the air, the aroma of sizzling hot-dogs and burgers all around.  You will be able to hear old friends embracing, hear the laughter of young kids playing football on the hill, or listen to the live DJ blasting music for all to hear.  Adrian College Homecoming is something special, so I've been told.  To be able to play for a school with such caliber is an honor.  Tomorrow when your bulldogs snap up the helmets, strap on the gloves, and take the field, we will be playing for everyone who ever, who is, and who will wear the Adrian College black and gold.