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The Clearing in the Storm

As everyday people we go through life expecting it to be a sunny- blue skied, green grass type of day.  But what happens when we face the tsunami of emotions that once in a while seems to hit us all at once?  Who is there to listen or to catch us if we fall?  I don't think there is a right or wrong answer to that question.  Some people deal with problems by keeping it bottled up inside and staying to themselves.  Others deal with it by letting it all out.  Through words, tears, screams, or doing something to take their mind off of it.  Being a first year student away from home, I can probably vouch for the other freshman saying, we've all had these days.  The days where every little thing pokes at you a little more.   One thing to always remember is that there are people who care.  People are here on campus to listen to you, to assist you in anyway possible.  You can always go to the counselors office.  They have people there who will just sit and talk, who will help you come up with a solution.  Turn to a friend or a roommate, the people who you see the most will probably know the most about you.  Also, never forget family is just a phone-call away.  Stop texting and every once in a while pick up on the phone to just hear your families voice.  

Through personal experience, whenever I've been caught in the storm, my roommate has always been there to listen.  He knows me and helps in anyway he possibly can.  Also, talking to my family on the phone just reminds me off home and how much support I still have.  

With final exams slowly approaching, holidays speeding towards us, and the end of the semester right around the corner, don't be afraid to ask for help if you are caught in the storm.  There is always a clearing of blue in the distance and its up to you, to help find the pathway towards it.  Find your clearing in the storm.