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Why did I choose Adrian College?

Choosing the perfect college was definitely an experience in itself.  My ultimate goal in college was to not only earn a quality degree and better myself as a person, but to be able to continue playing football at a higher level.  As an athlete choosing colleges was a little different, because I was dealing with more of the recruiting process than actually looking at schools for solely academic purposes.  Before Adrian College contacted me, I was intensely looking into Grand Valley State University for school and at Defiance College for football and school.  Grand Valley had a beautiful campus and their academics were very high qualified, while Defiance allowed me the option of receiving a quality educational and the opportunity to play football.  Both were very interesting to me.... until Adrian College came to visit.  

When Adrian College came to visit, not only did I see a football coach, a school representer, but a familiar face.  The representative was an graduate from my own high school.  He was also an Adrian College grad.  So right away I knew that if he came out of Lake Orion and graduated from Adrian, there must be something right about this school.  Then he started talking about the school, its mission statements and everything not only did their athletic programs stand for but the standard the college set for its students.  As a student and young man growing up, I have always been taught to set goals and strive to be the best.  Adrian College encouraged these beliefs.  

After the meeting at my high school, the next step was setting up a visit.  A chance to see the campus in person.  On a Wednesday morning, I hopped into the car with my parents and started on our two hour journey south to Adrian College.  When I arrived, I was already in awe.  The campus was beautiful.  Everything was taken so well care off and there was actual wildlife.  It may sound dumb to say but to me a balance of industrial and nature is necessary to create a tranquil feeling.  When we started our tour of Adrian College we started with the athletic building.  Everything was up to date, more renovations were coming, people were playing in the gym, laughing and every person seemed to be having a good time.  A good start I thought to myself. The more and more we walked around campus, entered buildings, met new people the more and more I could see myself calling this place home.  

After the tour concluded, I walked back to my Coaches office and told him, this is where I want to attend next year.  Adrian College may be a small school but it gives that big campus feel.  There is always something going on whether its a sporting event, a concert or a C.A.N event.  The campus is beautiful and all the buildings are symmetrical which adds the big campus feel.  Three weeks later on signing day, I signed my commitment to Adrian College where I not only would be obtaining an extraordinary degree, but am able to follow my dream to play college football.   

As a freshman now halfway through my first year here at Adrian.  I know it was the right decision to make.  I have made so many new friends that will last a life time.  I have already made connections with some of the staff and many of my professors.  Adrian College offers an experience already that can't be replaced.  I know I made the right decision and am proud to be a bulldog!  Will you?