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So you want to pass your midterms...

It's a week almost as dreaded as finals week... the week before fall break where it seems as if all of your professors decided to have a 10 chapter exam. 

Don't fret too much, here are some helpful hints to help you have a successful week!

1. Study--There are some tests you can go in blind too... midterms aren't one of those tests. Take time and really know the material well. 

2. Take breaks--Studying for 15 hours straight won't do you any good. Try to take a break every hour, even if it is just 10 minutes. Get up and go for a quick walk and get some fresh air to keep your brain sharp.

3. Don't cram--start studying early. Even just studying a half hour a night a few days before the exam will do wonders in helping you remember the material.

4. Eat a good breakfast and stay hydrated--remember kids, breakfast is the most important meal of the day... Especially when you have a midterm coming up. Even if it is your go to pop-tart having a little something in your tummy helps your metabolism get moving. Also, when you don't have enough water, you can easily get more tired and irritable. This is the opposite of what you want during midterm week, so when your hitting the books make sure you drinking some water.

5. Get some sleep--I know you feel like cramming the night before and pulling an all nighter is what is going to get you the A, but many studies suggest that a good night's sleep does more for  you than getting zero sleep before an important test.

6. Confidence... not cockiness--You have worked and studied hard, go into that exam with a level of confidence that your going to rock it. Don't get too overly cocky where you don't study, just enough to give you that boost in self-confidence. 

7. Find a proper study space--it's probably not a good idea to study in a room where there is a lot going on. Find a quiet place and put on some background music at a low volume to help you focus. Never something too distracting like your favorite tv show. Don't forget to put the social media down! That only brings distractions! Utilize breaks to check on the social happenings. 


8. Ask for help--if there is something that you went over in class and don't understand, make sure you ask for help. Your professor is there to help you succeed, so don't feel like you are putting them out by asking for assistance. You pay a lot of money to go to college, and you want to do the best possible.

9. Study in accordance with the way you learn: If you learn better by hearing the material out loud, read aloud while you study to help you remember. If you read by doing, rewrite your notes and vocab words to help you remember. By studying this way, it is more efficient and effective in helping you learn and remember the material. 

10. Lastly, get a group together to study. This can help you see different perspectives on the material that help you to further grasp the material. 

If all else fails... it's okay to cry! If you take these pointers though there should be no need for that! Just remember that once Friday comes around, fall break is here so you can have a couple days of relaxation!

Good luck on midterms this week!