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Chipotle: There's an App for that.

So unless you live under a rock, you are aware that the highly anticipated opening of Chipotle occurred this past weekend. A college kids dream... mounds of quality food for not a horribly expensive price. So as any Chipotle loving person you probably have headed over there, or will be heading over there soon to order. Like any new restaurant, the lines will be pretty long. The other day I drove by and it was literally out the door. 

If you are like me at all, I am not super patient, especially waiting in lines. If you are the kind of person who just likes to get your food and go, well I have found a nearly perfect solution. The Chipotle app, which is available in the App Store for free. 

Once you download it, you have Chipotle at your fingertips. I have found that this app is super easy to navigate, giving you all the options of actually being there, but allowing you to skip the line, especially at the busy times. 

Once you have the app downloaded, you simply select a location, and then you can begin your order. If you are Chipotle regular, you can create an account and it will save your order history, allowing an even faster order time. Once you order, you can simply select a pick up time and then skip the lines and your order will be waiting for you. 

Just a little something to keep in mind next time you are craving a burrito. 

You're welcome,

Mary Kate