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Off Campus Ideas

At this point in the semester, let's be honest you probably want to add some variety to your meals. Not that Richie and Caine aren't spectacular choices, but every once and a while it is nice to splurge a bit on food. 

I know that the chain restaurants are safe choices, but let's talk about some local food options that are super yummy as well.

First, if you want something pretty laid back, yet delicious, I personally recommend Hoagie Man. Just a few miles down the road, right off Maumee, you get an awesome variety of food. My personal favorite is the cheese steak. That is something that you can never go wrong with at Hoagie Man. They have a variety of fresh deli meat sandwiches, along with some stellar side dishes. Definitely an option to consider when eating with friends.

Sauce is another one of Adrian's hidden gems. Being Italian, I am extremely picky about the Italian food I eat. Sauce definitely delivers on its taste and quality. It's nice for a fancy dinner with friends that isn't super costly. The atmosphere is quiet and relaxing, and the portion sizes are enough for sharing or even for taking some back for lunch the next day. Located right on Main St. it is a great option for when you get the "Ritchie Blues."

Hooligans is another great option downtown. I have on good authority that their nachos can make anything better. This restaurant is located downtown. Some nights they even offer live entertainment, so you are getting dinner and a show for the price of one. 


Whenever you are having a late night snack and study session, the place to go is Morning Fresh and Scrappies. Located in the same building you can get yourself a sandwich and a donut for cheap while satisfying your hunger from studying hard. Not to mention their donuts taste heavenly after a stressful day. 

morning fresh.jpg

These are just a few of Adrian's hidden food gems. If you have a suggestion, just comment or email about it and we will be sure to check it out! 

Mary Kate