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Road of a Champion

The end point of a mission is never easy to get to.  It is not a sprint, but a marathon.  The preparation you put into each and every check point will determine how successful you will be.  For us, our Adrian College Football Team, the season has been a marathon.  A marathon with goals to reach in between.  A week ago we reached the league championship and won the race.  We started from the first snap and didn't stop till the clock hit zero.  Four days later we start our new season.  Playoffs.  Reaching the playoffs for the fourth time in school history, we are looking to make history.  We aren't here to just play one more game.  Were here to play multiple.  To show the nation that Adrian College is someone to not mess with.  We call it "shock the world".   No one believes, but we do.  We believe in each other, side by side, we can do anything.  With faith, teamwork and motivation, we are here to send a message.  The road is still long, and the journey is not over.  Adrian is here to send a message and we will continue on the path to the championship.