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Adrian gives Thanks

Many years ago one of our great Presidents, President Abraham Lincoln declared that the last thursday of November would be a day of thanks.  Thus the holiday Thanksgiving was born.  Now many people around america will tell you the first item that comes to mind, when someone says thanksgiving, is food.  Yes, the food on Thanksgiving is always amazing.  Perfectly cooked turkey, buttered mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie for dessert.  It all sounds so good.  But what is Thanksgiving really about?  Thanksgiving is a time to look around you and reflect on everything you are thankful for.  

The week of November 17th , Adrian College is giving thanks.  We as a college are graciously thankful for all the donations and sponsors that we receive and we want to honor these donations.      We also want to hear from the students of Adrian College.  Starting November 17th through the 20th, anybody who tags #acthanks, and gives a reason their thankful for Adrian college will be entered into a drawing for two 100$ gift cards for books in the spring semester.  This could be anything.  Are you thankful for a teacher who is helping you reach your full potential?  What about a coach who is pushing you to be the best? The scholarship you greatly received? Your roommate, for having someone so new be so important in your life? Don't be afraid to spread the word.  

There are so many different ways we can say thank you and by spreading the word is just one.  Adrian College is very beneficial for such generous donors and sponsors and saying thank you is the least we could do. 


- Kyle Bell