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What is a Family?

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, the phrase "giving thanks" is starting to become more prevalent.  The thing I give most thanks to is my incredible family.  But Family isn't just about the people who share the same blood.  Family can mean whatever you want it to. 

What does the word family mean to you? The Google dictionary definition of family is "a group consisting of parents and children living together in a household".  But does family have to be blood related?  In my own opinion I would say no.  I think family should be classified as a group of people who care and love one another.

 In my life I would say I have my "true family" which consists of my parents and my four sisters.  Yes, four sisters and they are all younger than me.  Katie who is the oldest is senior in high school, Jamie is a sophomore, Lauren is an eighth grader and our youngest, Sydney is a third grader.  Now many have asked me the question, how do you live with four sisters? How do you deal with them all? Truth is, when I was younger I didn't really know.  We have always gotten along but like every brother and sister relationship we had our fights.  It wasn't until I got to college and didn't see them everyday, did I realize how lucky I really am.  I have four best friends who are also my biggest fans.  They try to make it out every chance they get.  Likewise, I try to keep up with each and everyone one of them on whats going on in their lives or how their games have been going  I miss them everyday like crazy and when ever I go home or they come up, I try to spend as much time with them as possible.  They always keep me on my toes with their constant jokes and random stories, and I can't wait till break where I get to spend a lot of time with each and every one.  

My parents are the two most important people in my life.  Without them I would be nowhere. Everyday I not only represent my self, but I represent them as well.  There's too much about my parents that I cannot put into words.  They are my role models and my superhero's.

Outside of my "true family" I have 130 other brothers.  I am talking about my team. The guys I see for 6 months straight every single day.  We have worked, fought, cried, and bled with one another.  The laughs and the jokes cannot be replaced.   As a freshman coming in, the upperclassman have done nothing less than to welcome us with open arms.  They are not only friends, but coaches as well.  Much of what we have learned this year is from their constant teaching and encouragement.  Some of my favorite memories will be from participating in the random dance circles, to the constant laughs we all have shared, the random gibberish words, and the relationships that have been built.  

The other day, another student at Adrian said something to me that kinda stuck in the back of my mind.  She said "Isn't it weird how three months ago, we never knew each other and now I can't see my life without these same people?"  I agreed with her completely.  Take two of my teammates for example, our coaches and teammates like to call us the triplets, the three amigos, the three amigops and the three musketeers.  Three months ago I didn't know either of them and now we're "attached at the hip" as our coaches would say.  I was always taught everything happens for a reason, and people enter and leave your life for the better.  I stand by this and believe that its very true.  

Adrian College has offered me a chance for a new family away from home.  The people on campus are very welcoming and are as kind as can be.  A tribute to President Docking who sets the mood for everyone around him.  If he truly believes this is an "Adrian Family", then the rest of the college will forever be a Bulldog family.  

Family is what you make it to be:  blood relation, friendship, teammates, there is no true definition of a family.  That's for you to decide and up for you to choose.  

-Kyle Bell