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With semester exams right around the corner, this is the time when college students usually put their stress drive into override.  My bosses asked me the other day, "Kyle how do you do it?".  I don't just have one answer, there is a multiple variety that goes into helping me stay on top of my school work and my extra circulars as well. 

1. ) Eat right.  Many times when you feel stressed out, people start snacking on the chips or the cookies.  Put those down and grab an apple or a bowl of fruit.  Fruit will not only make you feel better but it will increase your energy and speedy up the brain waves you have going on, leading to a more effective study time.  

2.) Put yourself in a quiet environment. When I need to knock out a bunch of homework, I head over to Shipman Library.  At the library its always quiet.  I will seclude myself at a table and set all my items out on the table, put my headphones in and go to work.  This allows me to focus on my tasks at hand without any outside noise or disturbances.  

3.) Exercise.  Sometimes taking a break to go exercise is all you need to refocus.  When I need to relax, or let off some steam, I go to the gym.  Lifting weights or running allows blood to flow through the body more vigoursly allowing myself to calm and let go.  Working out puts me into my own state of mind that allows me to feel better, rethink, and focus on what I need to do.  

4.) Plan a reward.  If you know you have a long day ahead of you, put something in at the end of the day for you to look forward to.  For example, today I know I have a lot of homework to do, but tonight me and my friends are planning on watching the movie, Christmas Vacation.  This is something that I have been looking forward to giving me incentive to work harder and study faster.  

5.) Write it down. If you have a planner, use it.  If not, find a piece of paper and just write everything down that you need to get done.  By seeing it on paper you are allowing yourself to picture and lay out exactly what needs to get done and at what time it needs to get done.  By having a plan for yourself, allows you to relax. 


Exams are stressful, but you can help yourself out.  Eat right, exercise, create a plan for yourself, and have something to look forward to in the end.  College exams may seem awful but with hard work and determination you can Ace it!

Kyle Bell