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Valentines Day Homemade Gift Guide

When it comes to Valentines Day gifts, I always put them into three categories: the generic, the crafty and sentimental, and the edible! Clearly my favorite of these are the crafty and the edible. So here are some easy ideas to come up with great Valentines presents for your sweetie, roommate, best friend, fiancé, and boo thang.

The Edible

Whether you're going for a little snack or a big meal, food is always a win for gift giving. I've done some researching for you all and found the cutest, easiest, Valentine foods out there that you can still make in your dorm.


Heart Shaped Cupcakes!

The trick: Drop a marble beside the cupcake liner before filling and baking them. After they're cooked they will hold their heart shape!

"X's & O's" Pancakes!

The trick: Put your pancake batter in a ziplock bag with the corner cut off. Then you can squeeze the batter out and make simple shapes in the pan. (Don't forget to serve with red berries too!)

Jar of Candy!

The trick: Be clever!!! The cute slogan that goes with the candy is really what makes this one! Feel free to decorate the jar as well.

C'mon -- who doesn't love candy corn? 

C'mon -- who doesn't love candy corn? 

The Heart Shaped Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup!

(For those who can't really cook and aren't that good with puns)

The trick: Cook the grilled cheese before you cut it.

The Crafty and Sentimental

These sentimental gifts are inexpensive but meaningful.

"52 Reasons Why I Admire/Love/Appreciate You" Book

Bonus: tomato soup & grilled cheese warms you up on these cold winter days! 

Bonus: tomato soup & grilled cheese warms you up on these cold winter days! 

You'll need: deck of cards, printed reasons/pen and paper, scissors, glue, hole punch, ribbon/yarn

1) Hole Punch a hole in each of the cards. You can align the hole with a part of the design of the cards to help make sure they all line up.

2) Cut out the reasons. This can be done in uniform shapes or they can all be different.

3) Glue one reason onto each card, leaving the first card for your "book cover"

4) Tie all the cards together using ribbon or yarn through the hole!


Date Night Jar

You'll need: popsicle sticks, jar, sharpie

1) Write on each popsicle stick a different idea for a date night

Examples include things like getting ice cream, going out to a comedy club, taking a day trip to Toledo, staying in for microwave popcorn and a movie, etc. Anything you two might enjoy doing together, even if you have never it, is perfect.

2) Fill jar (feel free to decorate) and use when you can't think of anything to do together. Consider color coordinating the popsicle sticks based on price or time commitment involved, that way you can pick accordingly without having to put a bunch of sticks back.