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Social Work Takes on Chi-town

As a member of the social work program on campus, I recently had the opportunity to travel to Chicago with my Social Work Practice Methods II class. This trip, while busy, was absolutely amazing!

We traveled the city. We saw a play, Luna Gale. We even had a public transportation orientation, which came in handy when we were able to enjoy a night on the town on our own on Friday.

As a group, we visited agencies in downtown Chicago, learning about the services they provide to clients in the area. While visiting these agencies, I saw social workers with such a passion for what they do. This left such an impact on me, I now find myself more excited than ever to be getting my bachelor's of social work and be able to get out there and start working.

Among the many organizations we visited, was the Rainbow PUSH Coalition. While there, we met the founder and president, the famous civil rights activist, Rev. Jesse Jackson. After listening to him speak on colleges in America and how hard it is for some to repay loan debt, he asked our class to stay after and get a picture with him.


This trip, while proving to me that social work was the right choice for me, also really brought me and my classmates together. We had such a fun time exploring the city together: we all went shopping and even got some famous Chicago pizza! Experiencing this as a group has brought us closer and helped to form us into a social work family. 

The trip as a whole was truly an amazing experience. I am so thankful that Adrian College and the the Social Work Program have given me this opportunity wish that everyone was able to do something like this that relates to their major. I really just encourage all of you to go out and really explore your major and see what's out there for you do after graduation. Don't be afraid to get together with a classmate and tour a business that you might be interested in. It might feel awkward at first, but you could leave with an amazing new perspective on your future career path!!!

- Emily Kipp