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6 Best #SuperBowl Commercials

If you're a Seahawks fan -- congratulations. 

If you're a Bronco fan -- at least you had the commercials, amiright?

Sometimes, the commercials are more fun than the action on the field, as it was last night in the blowout against Denver. Have no fear, as usual, ad agencies were on their top game for some of the most heartfelt, funny and creative commercials for SB48. 

In no particular order, here's our top 6:

6. America is pretty beautiful -- especially in so many languages. 


5. The one where Sarah MacLachlan was scared by a doberman/chihuahua mix. 

In other words: don't compromise. Buy an Audi. 

4. The one where there is a puppy and a horse and everyone did a communal "Awww!"

Or: Budweiser's Puppy Love.

3. Is there anything more American than America? Good question, Bob. Good question. 

Bob Dylan, Detroit, and the Sprit of America.

2. Back to the future ... with Doritos. 

This one just cracks me up. 

1. Let's do another time warp -- to the 80s! 

Because who doesn't love a throwback?

Honorable Mention: Full House! 

We missed you guys. 

Any other faves we missed? Sound off below!