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How to Pick Your Major (The Olivia Pope Story)

When entering college, a majority of us aspiring millionaires, CEOs or professional athletes have an idea of what our dream job consists of -- no matter how unrealistic it is or not.  Many students begin college with a set goal and set major in mind, while others are still unsure and finding what best fits them for a future career field. Coming out of high school, I was one of the students that had it all figured out. Well... thought I did anyway. All I have to say now is, thank God for pre-recs!

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Originally, in my early years of high school I debated between studying law or broadcast journalism. By the time I reached eleventh grade, I had pretty much decided that sports journalism was what I was most passionate about perusing. In the fall of 2012, I entered AC in hopes of graduating with a degree in broadcast communications, and a minor in journalism.

Now, sophomore year is halfway over and my mind has completely changed -- I’m sure I’m not the first and only college student this has happened to…

Although the programs I am looking into now are still somewhat linked closely with areas such as communications and journalism, it’s been hard trying to narrow all of my interests into one major or future career.

So from there, it was back to the drawing board! I found myself thinking, “is it possible to link law, journalism, and public relations?” “How can I broaden my education and still involve my interests in order to be competitive in the work force?” I guess you could say I’m a little scatter-brained and indecisive.

(PS: Scandal is on ABC on Thursdays. #shamelessadvertising).

(PS: Scandal is on ABC on Thursdays. #shamelessadvertising).

To make it even worse, the educational path I’m headed down now was introduced to me by a TV show ... my favorite TV series, actually. Try explaining that one to your parents. One day over Thanksgiving break while watching TV, it hit me. I aspire to be a living-breathing ‘clone’ of Scandal's power woman and crisis manager, Olivia Pope. Maybe a little unrealistic?

She's not only talented, she has sass.

She's not only talented, she has sass.

Aside from all of the drama effects that television calls for -- not to mention the “extra curricular activities” Olivia Pope is wrapped in outside of the office -- she has my dream job. If you’ve ever seen Scandal, I’m sure you can tell Olivia lives a very hectic life, but I guess that’s what makes me so interested -- there’s never a dull moment. Olivia runs a consulting firm, Olivia Pope & Associates, where she handles the many crises of important, big name clients. She so often has to write press releases, manage strategic relationships and address the public live through media. Clearly, Olivia juggles many different, yet related, fields at once.

With that, I decided I would major in political science, and minor in public relations and journalism. Never in a million years would I guess I’d find inspiration from television, the source that’s been known to “dull the minds of young individuals.” I realize outside of Hollywood, having this sort of career would be a lot different than it shows on TV, I think Scandal just helped me realize and organize my thoughts on what the right path for my future would be.

Olivia Pope to save the day, once again!