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2014 Spring Break in Florida with Habitat for Humanity

Tired of the polar vortexes yet? Want a break from the cold? Well, six AC students got just that and then some when they signed up for Collegiate week with Habitat of Humanity. The Catholic Student Association (CSA) at AC signs up for helping Habitat of Humanity with building houses for those in need every spring break. The locations vary in Florida - spring 2013 was in Miami and spring 2014 was in Fort Lauderdale. It’s an amazing opportunity to connect with fellow students from AC, as well as students from other colleges, get some volunteer hours – and who doesn’t want some beach time?

The jobs on-site varied; Habitat did an excellent job of making sure everyone was safe and had a task they were comfortable with. Everything from clearly hedging with machetes ... 


to nailing on the ground or on rooftops.

Fun Fact: roofs in Florida require more nails than roofs up north to pass inspection because of the high winds during hurricane season. All four houses worked on passed inspection! 

Students were taught to how to use equipment properly and develop new skills,

and Habitat provided lunch all four days we worked!

During the last trip, volunteers typically started work around 8am and finished by 1pm, this included their lunch break. It allowed volunteers to not have to work during the heat of the day and still have time to enjoy themselves on break.

Still not sure about working on your spring break? Here are some testimonials from those that participated:

“It was a great time with great people and a fun atmosphere to work in that was really rewarding. I am really looking forward to the trip again next spring,” said Mary Hawes, a member of CSA and a junior at AC.

“It was most definitely the coolest thing I’ve ever done. We got to meet the families who were going to live in the houses and that made it so real and so much more rewarding. I definitely plan on doing it again.” Joslyn Hatfield, a member of CSA and a sophomore at AC.

“It was a great way to spend my last spring break. Knowing I was making a difference in someone else’s life made the sun and warmth that much more enjoyable!” Riley Brooks, member of CSA and senior at AC.

CSA is planning to go again in the spring of 2015, but looks to include more students in the trip. While the trip is done through CSA you do not need to be a part of CSA or a Catholic. CSA encourages all students looking to get involved in a good cause and make the most of their spring break to look into this worthwhile venture.

For more information on getting involved with CSA, or signing up for next year’s trip, go online and visit the CSA’s Facebook page at Adrian College Catholic Student Association. You can message any of the members for more information including the President of CSA, Tom Mackey.