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Bleed Black and Gold

The countdown clock ticks away, the anticipation builds, and preparation continues. Everything leading up to kick-off, Saturday at 1:00 in Docking Stadium.  

The Adrian College football team prepares for our second game, the first home opener of the year, where we will be taking on Carthage University.  What makes Adrian College football so special is not the only the team, but the community support surrounding its players.  When you pull up Saturday afternoon, you will see a parking lot decorated with people in black and gold.  You will smell the smoking barbecues.  You will be able to hear the laughter of family members and friends, embracing each others company once again.  

Saturdays are special days.  They are days where everyone who wears the black and gold, can feel apart of something bigger.  Our football team doesn't just play for ourselves, we play for Adrian College.  

Twenty-four hours from now, the teams will line up, snap up their helmets, strap up their gloves, and get ready to play, the Adrian College Bulldog Way.