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First Annual Grandparents Day!


This past Wednesday, September 24, 2014, Adrian College invited grandparents of students that attend Adrian College to the first annual grandparents day. The day started with a continental breakfast at the Hickman boardroom. During breakfast the students where able to catch up with their grandparents without having to find time over the weekends. After breakfast, President Docking gave heart-warming speech to students and their special guests. Of course a majority of students had class that Wednesday but instead of sending grandpa and grandma home, Adrian students brought them to class – if you wondering why a lot of older people showed up to you classes that's why. I was able to asked Erik Bruhjell his thoughts about this new event.  

Q. What was your favorite part of Grandparent’s day?

A. It was really nice to be able to hang out with them without desperately finding time to do so.  With exams and writing papers having time to physically be with family is hard and grandparent’s day really helped in getting some great family time.  

Q. How did you like President Dockings speech after breakfast?

A. It was really nice that Docking was able to make an appearance to the breakfast.  I thought it was great that my grandparents where able to meet President of my College.  His speech was very personal and well done. 

Q. How was bringing grandma and grandpa to class?

My grandparents loved being able to class with me.  They thought it was pretty cool to see what I do on a day-to-day basis at college and see the special academic environment of Adrian College.   

Q. Any final comments on Grandparent’s day?

A.  All in all it was fun experience and I will totally invite them next year. 

I also had the pleasure to have my grandparents come to campus and I felt it was great experience. Adrian College Grandparent’s Day was a success in my book.  

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Grandparents during Docking Speech

Grandparents during Docking Speech