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Monday Funday... Getting Past the Monday Morning Blues

Having a great weekend, then having to go back to school can be the pits. Instead of dwelling on the five days of school ahead of you until TGIF, go into it with a positive attitude. 

1. It all starts with a good night sleep on Sunday. This gets you well rested and refreshed for the upcoming week. This will help you wake up Monday morning, and not immediately be thinking of going back to bed.

2. Get in a workout. Nothing gets the positive vibes and endorphins moving than a nice run or bike ride (or anything that gets your heart pumping.) Change that grumpy Monday mood, and create a new healthy habit while your at it!

3. Do something to make someone else happy. Pay it forward on a Monday. That will not only get your week off to a stellar start, but it will also make you happy and feeling good on the inside.

4. Make a list of things you're excited about for the week. Having something to look forward to is a great way to make the time pass, and it's a great motivation to start your week. Hang it somewhere you will constantly see it as a reminder!

5. Make post class plans. Make plans with a buddy to go out to eat or stay in and watch a movie or tv show. Allot some time for yourself to relax and prepare for the next few days ahead. Just giving yourself some me time can really turn your day around.

Hope these tidbits make your Monday a little brighter Bulldogs! Have a great week!

-Mary Kate