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The time where the past meets the present, and the present meets the future!

Homecoming is a time to celebrate.  It is that special time of year where alumni come back to celebrate their past, where students celebrate who we are, and a time for young ones to dream about one day wearing the gold and black.  If you search online for the Google definition of homecoming, you will read "an instance of returning home".  At Adrian, that is only part of the definition.  Adrian College is a home.  A home for all of its current students, a past memory for all its alumni, and a future dream for all of the young ones.  Homecoming is about celebrating who we are and where we have come and gone.  We may look different, speak different, or even walk  different.  But one thing we all have in common, is we are all a bulldog at heart.

 Starting Friday night, experience our fantastic woman's sports as our woman's soccer team takes down Illinois Tech at 8 P.M.  Or travel on on over to the gym to watch our Volleyball team defeat Hope College at 7 P.M.  Saturday morning starts off strong as our men's soccer team takes down Olivet College starting at noon.  Later in the day travel on over to the ice arena to watch our D1 hockey team take on guest Kent State starting at 2:30 P.M.  Lastly to finish the night, embrace with family and friends during the tailgate and get your gold and black ready as your Adrian College football team takes on Olivet College starting at 5 P.M.  

Adrian College homecoming is a time of friendship, renewed traditions, remembering and finally celebrating who we are.  Appearance might change on the outside but forever and always we will all be a bulldog at heart.