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Country Fever

When you hear the phrase, country song, what do you think of? Have you ever been to a country concert? Heard a country song? Or ever thought of the true meaning behind the music style of country? 

 Originating in the 1920's, Country music came from Southern America.  From folk music, hillbilly stories, and western times, it has evolved into what it is present day;  A story told through words and harmonic melodies.  

People who listen to Country, love different things about it.  Some say the gentleness of the harmonies appeal to every one.  While others love the stories it tell, through the lyrics they pronounce.  

My personal favorite part of Country music, is turning up the radio, rolling down my windows, on a hot and sunny day, and just singing as loud as I can.  

March 14, Adrian College will get a taste of its own Country phenomenon.  Easton Corbin, Dylan Scott and Old Dominion take on AC with during the annual Spring concert.  So make sure to break out your cowboy boots, jean shorts, and flannel shirts because Adrian Will be rocking it country style.   


(Dylan Scott's Top hit above)


Kyle Bell