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The DO's and DON'Ts of Social Media

Let's be honest, we have all posted something onto our social media accounts that we are not exactly proud of. That cheesy picture from middle school usually comes to mind. Many times the things we are not proud of posting are just simply embarrassing and will really have little to no effect on our futures. However, there are a few rules to go by when it comes to posting on your personal accounts, just because they are private, doesn't necessarily mean they are off limits. I am not trying to kill your social media vibe, just trying to make sure that you post wisely--especially after Thursday nights at the "Caf." 

Let's get right into the DO's and DON'Ts...

DO share information, videos, or pictures you find useful or that represent a value of yours. Social media is a reflection of yourself, so let others see that. 

DO update people about your life. If you received and award, let people know. If it is an an accomplishment you are proud of, share it with your friends. However, DON'T over do it where you are posting about your accomplishments all of the time, nobody likes a show off.

DO check and understand the privacy policies that you have on your social media accounts. Even if your account is set to private, your posts may still be seen by the public.

DO know who your audience is. Facebook depending on your settings, your audience is your friends. Twitter however is very public and your audience can be the whole Twittersphere, so be mindful of that. 

DON'T post pictures with any visibly labelled alcoholic beverages. Even if you are of age, a perspective employer could immediately get turned off by this (Yes they do look at your social media accounts). If you aren't of  age you could get into a whole different kind of trouble. 

DON'T post any vulgar words, comments or pictures. You might think you are just expressing your feelings about something, but dropping the "f-bomb" every other word is really not a turn on for future employers. This includes posting pictures of you wearing t-shirts that have explicit words or pictures on them as well. A good way to think of this is if you wouldn't say it or wear it in front of your grandma, you probably shouldn't post it on social media. 

DON'T share too much information. Everybody has a sense of mystery about themselves...so let's keep it that way people! TMI moments are so common on social media, and frankly nobody really cares. Not that you need to keep yourself bottled up all the time, there is just a time and a place to share some information and the World Wide Web is not that place. 

DON'T forget to proof read what you write. We all know that sometimes autocorrect gets the best of us, but if you consistently are spelling words wrong and using poor grammar, you may come off as unintelligent to a perspective employer or even college. 

Lastly, DON'T forget to have fun! Social media is for our enjoyment. It should not feel like a job to update your Twitter or Facebook. 

Remember what you post on the internet never goes away, so be sure to share wisely! 

-Mary Kate

Thanks to Gary Heitman, a social media expert, for his help with this post.