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Music, Thank You

"A day without music is a day wasted."

Dear Music, 

I would like to take the time to thank you for all that you've done. Since I can remember you've been working your magic, flipping bad days into good, providing answers to unknown questions, relief from stress, turning study sessions into mini concerts, and heartbreaks to wisdom. You've always been understanding, never judgmental. Always right on time, never a minute late. You always know what to say at the right moment. You've given common ground to many who have differences. You comfort, calm, soothe, heal. You give motivation, and provide energy. You influence, inspire, and give hope. You create bonds, cure boredom, and take us on trips down memory-lane. So, thank you, for always being there whether its for a college student who's swamped in homework, or for an athlete who's about to compete in their biggest competition of the season. No matter who's listening in America, or across the Pacific, no matter the age, gender, religious beliefs or sexual orientation, you're always there.... unless they forgot their headphones. 



Jazmine Brown