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Never to old for Disney Movies

It doesn't matter if you are five or fifty!  Disney movies are classics that never get old.  If your like my family, then you grew up watching every disney movie ever made.  Your favorites, you watched them repeatedly.  If your like some of my friends at school, you can quote every movie line possible.  The old, the new, the furture, Disney movies have taught us lessons and shaped our outlook on life in ways we never realized.  Here is a list of the top 10 favorite disney movies, voted on by students from around the country. 


1.  The Lion King

Although personally, I believe the second one is better than the first, the Lion King is a classic that no one can ever forget.  It shows how love will find a way and that everyone is a part of the circle of life.  

2. Aladdin

Do I need say more?  Walking onto a new college campus your freshman year is like becoming part of a whole new world! 

3. Beauty and the Beast 

Are you the beauty or are you the beast?  This movie teaches us its more about what is on the outside and to focus on what really matters on the inside. 


4. The Little Mermaid

Who doesn't like a swimming half fish trying to find true love? Again the second one provides some fierce competition but the original takes the cake.  After all she is just trying to become a part of your world.  

5. Frozen

Do I even have to let it go? Olaf and the crew provide a humorous entertaining story from start to finish.  

6. Mulan

Fighting to protect her father.  This inspiring story of finding one's own reflection has left its mark around the world.  

7. Tarzan

How can you compete with a gorilla raised man who climbs on trees and swings from vines?

8.  Fox and the Hound

Friendships really do last a life time.  

9. Cinderella

This is not a favorite of mine.  But hey every girl dreams about her prince charming and magical night!

10.  Finding Nemo

Also a Pixar movie, Finding Nemo shows how never giving up can lead you to what really matters in life.  

No matter how old you are, you are never to old to watch  disney movie!  Relax, sit back, enjoy and sing along!


- Kyle Bell