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In your Skin

I'm going to start out right now by being honest. I have tanned before in a tanning bed. Heck, I went for prom in high school, and went as recent as last year. There was always something that nagged at me though as I tanned. 

Now that it is winter, everyone wants that "healthy glow" of color. They don't want to be the pasty one. I can still say that no matter how ghostly I am, I have no desire to go back to the tanning bed. It is not a new revelation either. I have known the dangers of tanning my entire life. Yet, I continued to do so.  

Don't get me wrong, I love the sun. I love being outside when it is sunny, and I like the warmth it brings. However, as much as I love the sun, I love sun screen even more. 

Tanning beds are in many studies compared to the carcinogens cigarettes bring. The chance of melanoma increases greatly just after one use. I am not trying to scare you or anything, but just think about it. How many celebrities do you see using tanning beds? Not many, unless you include the cast of Jersey Shore on your list of celebrities. The reason that most celebrities don't is because they don't need to, and they don't want to prematurely age their skin. The tan color our skin gets when we are out in the sun or in the bed is actually a mutation in our DNA. So, it is no surprise that when we tan we damage our skin, which can lead to skin cancer. 

Most of us know all of this, yet still continue to tan. I have never wrapped my head around why this is, why did I need to use the tanning bed so bad? Well, the answer is… I felt I needed to look a certain way, and tan was that way. Being tan really doesn't make you attractive, if that was the case more famous people would be that orange color that we so often see. You might say, "hey it is a good source of vitamin D. You honestly don't get very much vitamin D from it, and you could easily take a vitamin that will get your levels to a healthy number without using an artificial means. 

I have vowed to give up tanning after viewing one video that made a huge impact on my life. I encourage you all to watch it, and do research for yourself! We live in a world filled with the evils of cancer all around us, why not take this simple step to prevent one of the most deadly forms of cancer from taking our loved ones away from us! 

If you continue to tan, be vigilant and check your skin! Skin cancer is actually a young persons' disease! 


-Mary Kate