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Valentines Day

Ohhh valentines day, the holiday that you either hate or you love.  But why look at this holiday in a negative way? If you look up the dictionary definition of valentines day, it says,

"a day when it is traditional to send a card, often anonymously, to a person one is romantically involved with or attracted to."  

Even though this is the definition it gives, who says you can't celebrate being single or just celebrate the loved ones you have in your life.  People such as your friends and family.  Do you remember in elementary school, how you would have a valentines day party, and you were so excited to give everyone a card, and put it in their little decorated box.  How much sugar you got and all the different games you got to play.  Valentines should be just showing how much someones means to you.  They don't have to be the "significant other", just someone you care for.   So this Valentines day, get your friend a little kids valentine card, get your mom a flower, send your sister or brother a box of chocolates.  Maybe just send them  a message wishing them a Happy valentines day and say you love them.  It's these small acts of kindness that really make impacts on people lives and can change their whole day.