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What is a hero?  How do we classify one?  

The dictionary definition of hero is "a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities."  But what does that mean?  If you ask a young boy, who a hero is, his answer might be superman, batman, or iron man.  You ask a fifth grader, or young teenager their answer might be, fireman, police, our military, and many more.  But how can we define a hero?  Are there certain levels or certain aspects they have to meet to reach hero status? 

To me, a hero is anyone you look up to.  Anyone who you trust and look to for advice, guidance and love.  They may wear a cape, they may wear camo, they might have super speed or super strength, but sometimes their just everyday people.  My hero is someone who I strive to be like.  He is strong, smart, confident and overall the nicest person I have ever met.  My hero is my dad.

My dad is no superhuman with superpowers.  He's no american sniper or karate kid.  My dad is simply that, a dad.  That is just one word to describe him.  He is an Assistant Principal, a varsity football coach, an uncle, a brother, a god father, a husband, a son, and a friend.  He is so much more than he lets on.  If you ever talked to my dad, you would see a humble, humorous human being.  He may seem intimidating guy to some because of the positions he upholds.  But underneath all of that is the kindest, funniest and one of the smartest people I have ever met.  When I say kind, I mean he is nice to everyone.  I have never heard him say he dislikes someone.  He is approachable and open hearted to everyone around.  It doesn't matter if he has known you for all of five minutes or 15 years, everyone is treated with the same respect and dignity they deserve.  His humor….. well its indescribable.  When my dad laughs, he doesn't laugh like a normal person.  He chuckles.  And its not just a little chuckle, its like a mix between a belly laugh and a chuckle.  It's infectious.  When he laughs, everyone else around him starts to laugh and if he has a really good one going, all of us usually end up in tears.  Family dinners are always a time of memories.  

The one lesson, I have probably learned from my dad the most, and feel is his greatest measure, would be his leadership.  My dad is a natural born leader and does it without knowing.  Ive grown up, watching the way people listen to him, react to him and understand what he is saying.  He seems to be the one people always go to advice or look for the final decision.  He keeps people at ease and lets them feel safe.  There is just something about his demeanor that makes everyone else feel comfortable around him.  

I may have his blue eyes, his dark hair, and his sense of humor.  I may be like him in every way possible.  But one day, I hope to be as successful as a person as he is.  My dad is my hero for so many reasons.  He is the one person I look up to for advice and feel the safest around.  Although my dad may be adding another year to his lifetime, coming up this week, besides his glistening silver hair, he will always be my superhero.  I love you dad.  

Decide who your hero is, it may be a war hero, it may be a fictional character.  But find someone who stands up for the right things, follows human moral, provides positive examples and makes differences in people lives for the better.   Not only find your hero but be someone's else.  Superhero's may not be real, but there are everyday Hero's living among us.  


-Kyle Bell

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