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Do you want to build a snowman?

Snow, snow, snow and more snow.  Living in Michigan for 18 years, you can get really bored and sick of all this frozen water being around for so long. You tend to loose sight of your inner child. But this week alone, I have had so much fun, and realized again how much there is to do with snow on the ground!  Heres a short list of some snow possibilities!

  1.  Build a Snowman, or snow creature
  2. Go sledding, skiing or snowboarding.
  3. Take out snowmobiles or four wheelers.
  4. Play snow football.
  5. Build a snow fort!
  6. Have a snowball fight!
  7. Make a snow angel!
  8. Go ice skating or play pond hockey!

My favorite would be playing snow football!  These last two days, many of us students went outside to play.  Now let me mention our second night, that night three of our players were girls.  And let me tell you, they went all out.  Running all over, scoring touchdowns, and even tackling the ball carrier.  So shoutout to our synchro skating team here at Adrian College, those girls know how to compete! But we had fun.  Laughing, running around, trying to outsmart the other team, we all looked like little kids again, throwing snow around, running and diving.  We were definitely a sight to see.  

Also, the best part of snow, is the after part.  HOT CHOCOLATE!  After a bunch of running around, and freezing, it is always nice to come back inside, unwind, take off all of your snow stuff and sit down to have a nice glass of hot chocolate.  The sweet taste of chocolate and war mess melt the snow right away.  It will put a smile on your face almost every time and is a great way to end the night! 

Go outside, enjoy the snow, have fun with friends and family, and enjoy some warm beverages after that.  Create a perfect winter day.  

Kyle Bell