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First Signs of Spring

A winter flood, 

The sun will stop, 

Spring will come, 

Ice will drop.  


A refreshing breeze will ring the air, 

while green leaves return to grow and share.


Temperatures will rise, and night will fall

flowers and plants will dance through it all. 


Animals are reborn and children will grow, 

Parents will stand behind and watch the show. 


Hotdogs and ball caps storm and take flight, 

Bonfires and heart to hearts last all night.  


Seniors take their trips,  while juniors start to test, 

College students begin to study and try to rest.  


High School Seniors begin their journey towards the end, 

College Freshman realize the speed of life in which they fend.  


Real selves, begin to show, 

True friendships are the ones we learn to cherish and grow.  


Viewpoints are changing, 

Emotions are raging,

A season has left, another has come, 

Finally Spring has begun.  

- Kyle Bell