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Classic Dating

What ever happened to doing things the old way? The classics, the simple, the pleasant but polite way.  When it comes to romance, love and dating these days, our generation and the way we do things, I believe has it all wrong.  Now its too complicated, too dramatic, and too hard to deal with.  For example the different, stupid, stages that lead up to a relationship now:

1. Talking- texting back and fourth, talking on twitter, simple communication.  

2. Hanging out- You can classify this any way you want to.  

3. A thing- Your together but there is no official label.  

4. Dating-  The last step, finally asking the girl to be your girlfriend.  This usually includes an unnecessary extravaganza.  

As I write this, I continuously laugh at myself, because I realize how pointless this all is.  When I listen to stories from my grandparents, my own parents, I realize how different it used to be, and how much better it was.  In the past, people would go on dates.  For those of you who don't know what a date is, it's this thing where people go out, just to get to know each other, learn more about one another, and actually see one another face-to-face.  But not just one date with the same person.  They would go on many dates with a bunch of different people.  This didn't make the guys a "player", it didn't make the girls a "s***".  It was just simply a way to get to know people and see if you had any interest besides looks.  This world today, that's unheard of.  Now it seems like if you go out on a date, it means your serious about something.  

Personally I think it is so dumb.  I like to think of myself as a classic.  Especially now in college, I don't want to meet a girl and decide well If I want to get to know you better, I have to start "talking" to you.  It shouldn't have to be like that.  Also there's a new thing I still don't understand. The "friend zone".  It's like this dark place that if you get put there, your never getting out.  It's more of a joke but people seriously don't/won't date other people because their "too good of friends".  Now wait, shouldn't the person you're dating be one of your very good friends??  I live in this generation and I still don't understand all the unwritten and unscripted rules.  

Even if I do say I'm a simple guy.  I still think dates could be fun if you make it interesting.  They don't have to be your typical, movie night or simple dinner.  It can something exciting and interesting.  Personally, I think taking someone on a picnic by a lake, during a nice sunny day would be a fun way to get to know someone.  Or going for a drive at night, to the countryside or a high point, and laying on top of the car with a blanket looking at the stars listening to music.  Or even if you don't go out to dinner, make dinner together.  It's a unique and fun way to entreat and do something creative. 

So do something different, don't follow the norm.  Break the status quo and do what you want to do.  Meet new people, enjoy life, follow your heart, and create new experiences.  



Kyle Bell