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Why I Relay

Cancer. An ugly, scary, destructive word. A word that we all pray and hope nobody has to hear in their lifetime. That word makes many feel helpless, but there's something coming that intends to fight that ugly word. That something is Relay for Life--at Adrian College this Sunday from 10 am to 10 pm. 

Many people in my life have been diagnosed with some form or another of cancer. Their persistence and bravery when fighting is how I remember them. One of the most impressionable boys I know has been fighting cancer for a large part of his young life. His name is Thane Wooley. Thane was diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma at the age of four. Can you imagine that, because I sure can't. Miraculously Thane beat the cancer the first time, but over the course of the last 9 years has relapsed multiple times.

I know Thane because his older brother was one of my best friends in high school and continues to be so today. Wade sticks out to many because of his crazy height, he is just a couple inches shy of being seven feet tall. He played basketball in high school and currently plays for Defiance College. You can tell that Thane greatly looks up to Wade, but truly it is Thane who is Wade's hero. When Wade talks about Thane, his eyes light up and their is so much admiration in his voice. Actually, he is a hero to many, including myself. This little boy has been to hell and back, and continues to have a smile on his face. His family is the nicest family you could possibly meet, who would do anything for anyone. Their faith has truly moved mountains in regards to Thane. Thane's faith has been unwavering throughout the entire process. 

I relay for Thane Wooley, and all the children battling childhood cancer. My small community has rallied around Thane since his diagnosis, many years ago. We all stand behind him and his family, and just meeting this little boy, you know he is something special. He's a typical boy really, he is mischievous, goofy, and just an all around good kid. The only thing that's different about him is that he is a super hero kicking cancer's butt. That my friends, is why I relay.  

-Mary Kate