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Money can be tight for most of us, especially college students. Here’s something that might help you save a little. Mperks is an electronic rewards system for Meijer shoppers. Unlike a lot of reward systems this one actually saves you money! Mperks can easily be downloaded through the app store saving you money within seconds. Some cool things about this app are; you can actually view the amount of money you’re saving, see your receipts from any purchase you ever made, clip coupons right from your phone, find new recipes and unlock rewards that can take significant amounts of money off your total bill. I can’t tell you how many coupons I’ve received since I signed up for this thing. Last week I got a coupon for 25$ off my total purchase, when I went to pay for my groceries and found out the exciting news I swear the entire store could have sworn I had just won the lotto. This is just one example of the super sweet savings that come along with this marvelous reward system. Another cool feature of this app is that it allows you to view the weekly add and create a grocery list thorough it. I find this to be very beneficial because it allows me to go into Meijer on Saturdays with a game plan. And if I forget anything I can have it alert me that I forgot something, because you all know how annoying it is to get half way home and remember “oh crap I forgot toilet paper.” Well I think you’ve heard enough from me about how awesome Mperks is, now go get it and save!  

-Kayla Vanston