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A letter to my future Self

To my future self,

I hope by the time I am reading this I will be happy with my life and where I have made it to today.  I hope to be a successful man.  But success varies through all aspects of life.  I hope to have a beautiful and loving wife, who I want to spend the rest of my life with, I hope to have three healthy and beautiful kids.  A job that I have worked torwards and I am proud of having.  Friends and family that I still see all the time and stay in touch with, hoping that their lives are going as well as mine.  

To my future wife, 

I don't believe life will be perfectly smooth, that we will be living in a fairytale.  But I hope you know I married you because I want to spend the rest of my life with you.  I want to hold your hand when were older, sitting on our porch swing in the front yard, watching our grandkids running around the yard.  I want you to love me for my child like personality, my love for life and having fun.  I want you to know that through the ups and downs I will always be by your side.  You are my best friend and I will never leave you.  You mean the world to me, your smile, your eyes, I will love everything about you.  I hope my family will become yours, and yours become mine.  I will love you till the day I die and enjoy every last minute with you until then.  

To my future kids,

Other than your mother, I hope you all know there is no-one more important in life than you all.  I hope Braden James, you have taught your younger siblings the right and wrong way to do things.   I hope you are realizing that being a big brother to them is more than just a title.  Its a way of life and a way you do things.  I am proud of you and the young man you are becoming, and all the accomplishments you have made in life.  To your younger siblings, I hope you are finding your own paths in life.  Me and your mother will support you in anything you choose to do.  We love you with all of our heart and cannot wait to watch you grow up into beautiful young men and women.  

To my parents,

I hope by now our relationship has stayed as perfect as we have it now.  I realize that all the life lessons you taught me growing up, I have been able to use and pass the down to my kids.  I hope you have had the chance to meet every one of your grandkids and spend time with each and every one.  I hope we continue to have our sunday night dinners with my sisters and their families as well.  Holidays in your big formal dining room have been amazing and I hope to continue in the years to come.  I hope you both are enjoying retirement and finding time for yourselves, because you deserve it after all the people you have both helped in your life time.  Dad I hope, we together have been able to take my sons fishing and golfing just like we use to do in the past.  Mom, I hope you and my wife have connected on another level and she has realized that you will always be the most important woman in my life and you mean the world to me.  

To my sisters,

I hope by now I have seen each and every one of you walk down the isle, in your beautiful white gowns, and leave with a man worthy enough to call you his own.  I hope I have been able to guide you each in the right path which you now call your own.  I hope that your kids represent you and each of your own individual personalities.  Katie, I hope you have had the chance to see the world, and travel all over.  I hope you finally have found your Prince Charming, on his white horse, and you live life helping people around you.  Jamie, I hope you have finally learned the lessons of life and you have found a husband that can put up with or join in your spontaneous moments.  Lauren, I hope you have found the one man, who's silent but caring confidence can match yours.  I hope you have reached your dreams in every way possible.  By caring on mom's tradition I know your family will be perfect and whole.  Lastly, Sydney, I have now had the chance of watching you grow up from a baby into the beautiful young woman you are today.  I have had the chance to watch you walk down the isle for your first communion, along with grandma shedding a tear or two.  I have watched you learn lessons from your sisters and become full of energy and life.  Your smile can light up the world and I hope you have found someone who realizes how special you are in this world.   All four of you will always, and continue to be my best friends and nothing will ever change that.  

To my high school friends, 

I hope by now you have all found successful careers and have started families of your own, whether its in Lake Orion or not.  We have stayed in touch over the years and our families have had the chance to meet one another and become good friends them selves.  I hope you have each found your significant other that loves you for who you are.  Whether its teaching special education, handling finances or running a chain supply business of your own, I know you will each be successful in your own way.  I hope when we return for our high school reunions, its just another time where we get to see one another and learn more about our lives as we experience new things.   

To my college friends,

The experiences we have created throughout a life time are stories and stories to be told.   You have helped shape me into the person I am today.  I still remember my first birthday I spent at Adrian College, to the day we all walked across the stage together.  Peole have come and gone but my true friends have stayed the same.  I hope our relationships stay close enough where they one day can learn the ways of life through you and your experiences as well their own family.  I hope my kids can one day call you aunt and uncle even though you may not be blood related.  Thank you for being you.  

To the future,

Anyone who reads this I hope now realizes that life is about being who you are.  It is about being you, and following your dreams and goals in life.  Don't let people tell you no and tell you how to act.  This life is yours and you can do anything you set your mind to.  Find you path, spread your wings and fly.  You may experience highs and lows, but the final destination is what you should keep in mind.  Set your sights high, live your life and find the future you.  

I wanted to thank my friend Tori Blust, a student from Michigan State, who also is a avid writer, for the idea of this blog. She wrote hers addressing her future husband and it helped me create new ideas.   


- Kyle Bell