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To have a Voice

We must carry this in our hearts.  That what we have is special.  That it can be taken from us and that when it is taken from us we will be tested…. It is these times.  It is this pain that allows use to look inside ourselves. 

- Eric Taylor

Every individual quality about ourselves is what makes us who we are.  The person that people see.  One part of us that many take for granted, is the power to speak.  I am not just talking about a vocal presentation to the President of the school.  But to have the simplest confrontation to someone as they walk by.  Or to voice your opinion about a topic you disagree with.  Or to show your support to a friend in need.  To have a voice is to have a say in this world.  

The word "voice" refers to the ability to engage in meaningful conversation, to make a difference through what one says, and to have a say in key decisions.  You never know how lucky you are until you cannot talk anymore.  For the past week, I have been struggling with chronic laryngitis.   It is stress placed on your vocal cords, giving you the inability to speak well, if at all.  Although, this has been a continuous awful action, it has allowed me to take a step back and realize how it is to live the lives of others.  The lives of the ones who permanently can't speak, or have problems doing so.  

Growing up people will make fun of how you sound, how others can't speak,  or how some have no words to say.  If you have ever been told your voice is annoying or asked to stop talking.  Turn around, look at that person, and tell them "I'm sorry you feel that way, but this is my voice and I'm proud to hear it".  Every voice has its own unique twist to it.  Your voice is you.  Not someone else's, not somebody's you want it to be, but yours.  As a baby you hear voices so important that you know who they are when you arrive into this world.  A mothers voice, the softest most gentle sound heard for the last nine months, is soothing and a calming familiarity.  Then to hear the voice of a dad, is the confidence, wisdom and praise, a child needs--not only to be successful but to be loved.  The voices we hear and they way we hear them not only affect us as infants, but through life. The way we express our voice comes in all different ways.  Through talking, through jokes, through laughter and through singing.  Through the simplest conversation to  the longest discussions.  

Through voice we express ourselves to the world.  We are able to locate who we are and what we want to become.  Don't ever be afraid to voice who you are, what you believe in and what you stand for.  A voice is to release emotions, and convey opinions. It's about knowing that what you are saying is really coming from inside of you.  If you were able to go up to someone who didn't have the ability to speak, and ask them what it was like, they may be able to write it down or sign it.  But you will never know the true sincerity or unique tone that person might possess.  Your voice may change as you get older, many get deeper, some mature.  What doesn't change, is who that voice is coming from, and who the person behind it is.

Never lose sight of what is inside of you.  What you have and are blessed with, while others are not. Your voice is unique and it is one-in-a-million.  It is the ability to share, feel, and convey.  It is the ability to show the world who you are,  what you are about, and what you want to share.  I have never been more proud of the voice I have and was given.  It's my own and my own it will stay.  


-Kyle Bell