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Take it from a Greek President! 

“GO GREEK”!!! What comes next is a bit hazy, no pun intended! This is because people outside the Greek community have a very blurred perception of what happens after you “GO GREEK”. I am not referring to the physical events that chronologically map your journey to full membership of your respective chapter; I am referring to what happens to you as a human being after you “GO GREEK”.  What happens is change! The changes that I speak of are not equally feasted by all individuals that “GO GREEK” nor are they instantaneously immense. These changes are subtle and happen over a lifetime but most importantly these changes are authentic.  It is hard to accurately and indefinably define this phenomenon but as a Greek community it is an understood ambiguity! Greek life changes lives everyday both of those that “GO GREEK” and those that reside in the communities that are blessed with a strong Greek system.  If you currently are a Greek I salute you for your courage and esteem! If you are have not yet made the pledge I encourage you to “GO GREEK”!!!

- Andrew Warren