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A Full Stomach on a Budget

One of the biggest lessons I have learned from college is that things cost money (crazy right?). Being the poor college student I am, I did a little investigative work to find places that I go to that offer student discounts. This is especially important when it comes to food because in my 21 years of life, I've perfected 3 recipes: toast, grilled cheese, and Kraft macaroni and cheese. Although to my defense my cooking skills are a work in progress. So, I get offers to go off campus and grab a bite to eat, I usually don't think twice about it. 

Here's a few of the top places I found that offer student discounts:

1. Chipotle: I don't think I have ever met a college student who doesn't like Chipotle. So next time you go in, flash that pretty AC student i.d. at the register and you get a free drink with your meal purchase. Just think how much money you have wasted on buying drinks that could have gone to adding some extra guac… What a shame. 

2. Chick-FIl-A: So the closest Chick Fil to AC is about a 35 minute drive (well worth it in my opinion). Not only does the staff make yah feel like a million bucks when you order food from their, but you can also get a free drink when you show your student i.d. Who would have thought? More money for some chicken nuggets! 

3. The new hot commodity in town is the recently opened Buffalo Wild Wings. Well pay full price no more--as many BDUBS locations offer 10% off meals to students! 

4. Feeling the need for a health kick on a budget. Don't fret because at participating locations Subway will offer you 10% off your order. 

5. Need some Mickey D's in your life? Once again your student i.d. can get you 10% off your purchase. 

Although these little discounts might not seem like a lot, saving a dollar here and there can really add up! The restaurants listed above are just a few of the ones found! If you're not sure about your favorite restaurant (or store) offering a discount, just ask when you pay! The worst they can say is no!