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The Senior Struggle

Well it is finally here.. My last semester here at AC, the final grind. Pretty dramatic I know. Less than 15 weeks stands between me and being a big girl, and that is terrifying. 

With so little time left, it has made me reflect on the last three years here at AC. In such a short span of time I have made so many memories, where do I even begin. From coming in knowing zero people to making some of the goofiest best friends I could ever have. From the tears over being stressed to the max to the relief of passing your finals. These three years have included countless donut runs to Morning Fresh to midnight Steak and Shake trips to basically late night trips to every food place in Adrian. It honestly is a miracle I didn't gain the freshman, sophomore, and junior 45.

Through all the tears, ice cream, netflix, oh and I guess classes I have learned so much and became the person I am today. It's mind boggling to me that in just a few short months this place that has had so much impact on me will become a memory. Instead of a brisk walk away my best friends will be a phone call away. My beloved Hoagie Man will be more than a 3 minute drive away (if you haven't noticed by now I am a very food driven individual.) 

Although it is bittersweet to be almost done with college, it is also super exciting to see what my future holds. I know that the lessons I've learned here both in and out of the classroom are going to help me succeed in whatever I do next. The professors I have had here are an amazing support system and have prepared me more than I know. So here's to the next 13 weeks of making memories and hopefully not dying from Business Policy. 

Do I know what I am going to do when I am done?! Heck No, but the world is mine to go conquer. If all else fails I could always pull a Matt Foley and live in a van down by the river...

-Mary Kate