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Spring Brings Life to AC

Before the second Ice age these past two days, we caught a glimpse of warm weather and the rays of sunlight brought life back to our little campus. After a weird and boring winter, suffering from the harsh winds and bitter cold, spring seems to be dawning upon us. Temperatures reached a high of 60 degrees on Saturday and the campus roared to life.  Corn hole games were set up all around, sunglasses were brought out, boom boxes were turned up and everyone enjoyed the warm weather as much as possible.  Here is a list of 10 reasons why, we Adrian Bulldogs brave the dark winter, in order to enjoy the blast of happiness, freshness and rays of light that embrace our campus in the Spring.

1. Tigers baseball is back. Enough said.

2. Driving around with the windows down, blaring country music!

3. Darty. Where every weekend turns into a festival of corn hole, can jam and ladder ball.

4. Walking to Class. Finally not shivering or having your ears freeze off while you walk.

5. Eating outside on the terrace. Being able to sit by the fireplaces, or tables just enjoying the sunshine and warm rays beating down.

6. No more coats. Put those jackets away because they are no longer needed. 

7. Ice cream season. Spotted cow just gained a whole new group of customers.

8. Hammocks are put back up. Nothing better than taking a nap or relaxing in the sunshine.

9. Beach volleyball in the quad. Just take a stroll into the quad, cause there is always something going on.


10. Closer to Summer.  School is almost out and vacation is almost here. 


- Kyle Bell