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Life Quotes

I am a very visual person. I have quotes and pictures hanging up all around my room. They are there not to show off to anyone else, but they are there for me. When I am going through a tough time or need some reminders, pictures and quotes help remind me why I do what I do. They provide the inspiration that keeps me going through everyday. They help provide advice when I need it the most. They help me capture memories from the past, and remind me of the memories still to come. Quotes can be applied to any person, any day and at any time. Here's a list of 10 quotes that I hope readers can relate or think deeper about. Print them out, hang them on your wall, and always remember you only get one chance in life. So live it to the best of your ability. 

1. Do not think about what is ahead. Focus on the now, because you never know if you will have that same chance again. 

2. Family and friends. Don't forget about the people that make us who we are. Without them we would be nothing. 

3. Until you believe in yourself, you can believe in no one else. Accept yourself for who you are, because there is only one of you and you are beautiful just the way you are. 

4. You put a smile on someone's face everyday. Or maybe there is that one person who does it for you. Pain will heal, but if you do not love than there is no life. Because life is about love and love is about living. 

5. Never forget to say thank you. Because one day they wont be there anymore to say your welcome. 

6. Friends affect so much of our lives. Do not be blind to the people who are always there for you because of someone else. Open your heart to loving more than just one. Always tell the truth and overuse I love you. 

7. When it seems like you are at your most vulnerable, look up into the night sky and see all the shimmering stars overhead. There is always a light shining, it just takes time to find it once again. When you do, you will shine. 

8. My favorite verse of all time. Never give up and always remember. 

9. Do not change who you are because a friend tells you to. If they can't accept you for who you are then they truly are not your friends. Find people and surround yourself with the ones who accept you the way you are. 

10. Don't sit back and wait for something to happen. Go out and do it. 


- Kyle Bell