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Choosing a College 20 minutes from Home wasn't so bad after all

      When seniors in high school are looking for colleges to continue their education, most tend to want to move far away from their family and look to start a whole new life. However, that wasn’t the case for me. I went to Blissfield High School and had four phenomenal years. However, senior year of high school turned out to be a bit more stressful than what I originally thought it was going to be because I had no idea where I wanted to go to college. I remember researching colleges in Florida to ones all the way up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I took many visits and no particular college felt like “home” to me. At one point I had thought of not even going to college because I didn’t know which college which would be most beneficial to me. This all changed when Adrian College came and visited my high school.

      All throughout high school I pictured myself moving far away to go to college. I wanted to start a whole new lifestyle. I never really considered Adrian an option and had never been there until I took a visit. I know that’s hard to believe since Blissfield is only 20 minutes from Adrian. When I first stepped foot on the Adrian College campus there was not one thing I didn’t like about the college. The faculty, athletics, and the overall environment of the campus; everything just felt right about Adrian. After my visit I remember telling my family I think I have found my new home for the next four years: Adrian College. I received numerous concerns and questions such as “Are you sure you only want to move 20 minutes away from home?” or “Why aren’t you going somewhere further away?” I replied with a simple statement of why would I want to go somewhere else when all I have ever wanted in life and for a college experience is 20 minutes away from each other. My family, my dog, grandparents, friends, and the college that was the best fit for me is all within a short drive.

      It’s been two years since I have graduated high school and I couldn’t be happier with my decision of becoming a Bulldog. I have made numerous lifelong friends, been involved in campus organizations and activities, and I am on a great journey to become a physical educator one day. Adrian has essentially become a new home to me, but I am fortunate enough to have my real home 20 minutes away. There are way more positives than I have ever thought to imagine of living not so far away from home. I can get my mother’s home cooked meals whenever I want. There is nothing better than having an unlimited amount of home cooked meals in your fridge at college! Instead of paying money to do laundry, I just make a short drive home to do it there. I love my family and they are what keeps me going, so whenever things are getting tough in college, I know I can make the drive to spend time with family or watch an episode of Wheel of Fortune with the grandparents. I love the fact that each week I can do all of my college activities, while I get to spend quality time with the family as well. Unfortunately, I know one day I will not always have the luxury of living so close to my family. When the job offers come, I am willing to accept any position at any location in order to receive a job as a teacher. I know one day my family will not be just 20 minutes away, so that is why I cherish the time that I have with them now. I am very lucky and blessed to have such a great family as well as the privilege to attend an amazing college. I know I will forever be proud to be an Adrian College Bulldog!


-        Dakota Suiter