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AC Commencement flowers donated to local assisted living homes

The Adrian community continually promotes the success of Adrian College—its members attend our events, enroll in our programs, and collaborate with us in a variety of ways. This year’s Commencement was no exception. Noting the synergistic nature of these efforts, it was Cynthia Beaubien who decided to give back.

Cindy is the Assistant to President for Events & Special Projects (and the Director of Stewardship) at Adrian College. From this title alone, one can assume that she contributed a great amount to the success of the ceremony.

Through her efforts, she became quite familiar with the event’s set-up—especially with the striking sea of flowers that was used to beautify the graduation proceedings. Initially, there were no plans for the flowers, meaning that mass disposal was all but guaranteed.

“There are so many beautiful flowers,” said Cindy, “and it seemed like a shame to just use them for a few hours.”

It would be a waste—and, in her eyes, a missed opportunity.

That’s why she called upon Helen Miller, the owner of Flowers & Such, Inc. After Commencement, the staff of the aforementioned business repossessed the flowers. These blooms were then painstakingly placed into small vases and delivered individually to residents at Provincial House, Lynwood Manor, and Lenawee Medical.

The elderly residents were not expecting the surprise. Later, an employee at one of the establishments texted Cindy, writing, “[t]hanks so much for your flowers. So many of the residents are talking about how beautiful the flowers are. Goes great with the sunny day and lifted their spirits.”

“It’s always nice to make someone smile,” Cindy said, “and a lot of residents probably don’t receive flowers.”

Helen Miller of Flowers & Such, Inc. helps with re-purposing her flowers on a regular basis. Donations of small vases are welcomed. For information on how to contact the establishment, visit the Flowers & Such website.