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10 Reasons why everyone should visit their County Fair

I have spent my last 19 years going to the Lenawee County Fair and have been a member of 4-H for the past 10. What exactly is 4-H? 4-H is one of the nation’s largest youth development organizations that I am privileged to be a part of for one more year. Going to the fair is an unbelievable experience and everyone should take a day out of their summer to visit their county fair. I hear way too many of my peers at college tell me they have never been to a fair, so here are some reasons why everyone should pay a visit to a fair this summer.

1) Fair Food

Hot Dogs, Cotton Candy, Carmel Apples, Elephant Ears, and many more! The fair has a variety of different foods that can be very delicious.

 2) Grandstand Events

Every fair tends to have a grandstand. At the grandstand there are large events including tractor pulls, rodeos, the figure 8, demolition derby’s and concerts take place making the fair a very exciting atmosphere.


3) 4-H Animals

The main reason that most people visit the fair is to see all the different kinds of animals. Pigs, horses, beef steers, chickens, sheep, and many more! These animals are the projects of many young individuals that raise them for many months. They will compete against others to try and win the grand champion.

My cousin with his grand champion steer

My cousin with his grand champion steer


4) Midway Rides

Spending the day on the midway can be an awesome time at the fair. Whether it’s taking a trip on the Ferris wheel or checking out the bumper cars, the midway is a great place to add some excitement to your day. 


5) Carnival Games

The fair contains many carnival games that anybody can take a shot at. If you’re lucky enough to win, you usually end up going home with a prize! Personally, I like all of the basketball games.


6) Ice Cream

After spending the day riding some rides, there is no better way to cool down than having some ice cream. The fair I attend has my personal favorite, a place called the Frosty Cow. They contain some of the best shakes for a reasonable price!


7) Bandshell Events

You can never go wrong with free entertainment! The bandshell consists of acts such as musicians, comedians, dancers, and many more! After a long day of waking throughout the fair, it is a great place to take some time to relax.


8) 4-H Projects

4-H members work hard all year to get their project as best as they can so they can take home a blue ribbon or a grand champion. When visiting the fair be sure to check out the interesting projects that the 4-H individuals put their hard work and dedication into, including things like photography, art, wood work, animals and many more.

9) Show Days

Show day is an important day for anyone who takes a 4-H animal to the fair. This is the day that 4-H members show off their animal and compete against other individuals to try and take home the grand champion prize!

Showing Pig.jpg

10) Family Time

There is no better place to have some quality family time than at the fair! There is so many events and activities that the fair has to offer which makes it an enjoyable experience for all!

Thanks for reading!

Dakota Suiter